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Swift Read: House prices post-Covid – a consensus of concern

The views of developers and economic commentators on house prices do not always correspond, so the fact that recent comments by the Irish Home Builders Association (IHBA) have been largely matched by those of the ESRI, the Central Bank, and a number of individual commentators, would seem to warrant serious attention.

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Counting the cost of Covid: what does the data reveal?

How transparent has the government been in presenting statistics to the media and general public during the pandemic: has data sometimes been used to present a distorted picture? A select committee report calls for major improvements in data transparency and in the way it is shared with local authorities.

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Understanding the economic impacts of COVID-19 on disadvantaged communities

This briefing sheds some light on the spatial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic response on disadvantaged communities; in this case, Greater Sydney, using Small Area Labour Market (SALM) data and will be of interest specifically to councillors and local government officers across the Greater Sydney region and wider NSW.

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Homelessness is here to stay – a South African perspective

How has South Africa responded to a worsening homelessness situation due to Covid-19? We look at how the country’s national disaster regulations were implemented, and how the problems that arose exposed the lack of clear policy and defined responsibilities and issues around capability, capacity and limited state resources.

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NAO investigations into UK Government procurement in the Covid-19 crisis

Procurement during Covid-19 has been a high profile, and often contentious, issue. The NAO has investigated procurement generally, and PPE supplies and the Test and Trace programme in separate investigations. What can the NHS, central government and local health teams learn from these inquiries?

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Global Local Executive Panel – March 2021: Community Wellbeing

On March 18th 2021 LGiU Australia, VLGA and LGPro presented an international panel of local government executives to explore how local governments in Australia and the UK are finding innovative ways to deliver improved community wellbeing outcomes against a backdrop of a pandemic and challenging economic climate.

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2020 hindsight: reflecting on global learning from the pandemic

Following on from our content last week marking the anniversary of Covid-19 lockdowns, this bundle focuses on the international knowledge-sharing opportunities arising out of the pandemic; providing a range of learning from countries’ experiences in tackling Covid-19 as well as generally for other issues.

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Local government finance in the pandemic

The recent NAO report on local government finance during the pandemic is sobering but not unexpected. It calls on the government to focus on service sustainability, to continue to provide additional financial support and warns of the risks of financial failure should that support not be forthcoming.

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NatCen British Social Attitudes Survey 2020

Every year NatCen surveys 3,000 people for the British Social Attitudes survey, providing data on public opinion about life in the UK that are relevant to local communities and public services. The latest reports illuminate recent trends, including the impact (if any) of the Covid-19 pandemic on public attitudes.

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