Topic: Communities and society

From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


Podcast: The under-explored relationship between local government and dark tourism

In this episode, your host, Freya Millard, chats with Dr. Beth Heidelberg from Minnesota State University, Mankato, to discuss her very niche specialism exploring local government’s relationship with the dark tourism industry. Providing insightful case study analysis from her own field research of US dark tourism hotspots like Salem, Clear Lake, Holcombe and Amityville.

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Trust me, I work in local government

Sharing in LGIU’s 40th celebrations, Chris Elliott, Chief Executive at Warwick District Council reflects on his 40 years in local government and what has not changed. Highlighting the stagnant issues of the sector and growing mistrust, Chris argues that truthful practices need to be ingrained in all local government does going forward.

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The core principles of trust applied to local government

In this article, Dr Hannah Bunting, lecturer in Quantitative British Politics at the University of Exeter, outlines the core principles of trust, applying them to the context of local governance. Building on this further, Dr Greg Stride adds some additional insights from our Local Democracy Research Centre’s recent work.

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Trust: the ultimate currency

In this insightful think piece, Cllr Lorna Fielker, Deputy Leader at Southampton City Council, explores the value of trust in local government and how it is perhaps undervalued despite being so critical to achieving aspirations. Is it time to start asking tough questions about the mistrust running through the sector and our communities?

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And Finally: Dark tourism and play

This week's And Finally wraps up everything you may have missed from LGIU! This week: we cover all things play, our dark tourism recommendations, and the Dublin neighbourhood voted the world's second coolest.

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Global Local: Play!

In this week’s Global Local, we’re taking a fresh look at playful approaches to place making, showing you Denmark's magical playgrounds, new approaches to urban design, child-friendly cities, and making civic engagement and staff training more fun and engaging.


Cultural sector policy and research round-up: Autumn 2023

This briefing provides a round-up of research and announcements related to the arts, culture and leisure sector. It also covers cultural participation, recent GCSE and A-level statistics relating to creative subjects, the government and the Creative Industries Council’s Creative Sector Vision, and much more.

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And Finally: Homelessness and virtual tourism tech

This week's And Finally wraps up everything you may have missed from LGIU! This week: In this week's And Finally: Our shortlist for Cllr Awards 2023, ending homelessness and augmented reality in Bedford.


2023 COSLA Conference – “No council is an island”

This article highlights some of the core themes from the 2023 COSLA Conference in Crieff, and re-caps Jonathan Carr-West’s presentation, speaking alongside Professor James Mitchell, on central and local government relations in Scotland and further afield.

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Global Local: Homelessness

In this week’s Global Local, we’re looking into the role of local government as housing affordability becomes more distant, renting becomes more competitive and homelessness increases.