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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


In Conversation With Alan Russell at Renfrewshire Council

A year into the post of Chief Executive of Renfrewshire Council, LGIU Scotland is in conversation with Alan Russell about Alan’s personal and organisational reflections on the challenges, opportunities facing Renfrewshire Council.

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England weekly roundup 11.11.22

Bushtucker trials and process breakdown, our highlights from a week in local government.

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All Things Ireland: Council’s Performance Under the Spotlight

As COP-27 kicks off and we watch the US mid-term elections from afar, this week LGIU Ireland brings you all the latest in local government. Highlights include a focus on reports and updates for local government from the LGIU and Merrion Street.

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What do we do when the economic and social infrastructure of a city collapses?

We have all watched those archaeological documentaries that find abandoned cities from the Mayan, Inca and other ancient societies that, apparently, imploded and left whole cities to be eaten up by the natural world. We discover these ancient, societal collapses when modern day archaeologists and historians unearth them and pontificate on the reasons for the…

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Finland: an individualistic welfare state public sector reform and community wealth building

The briefing provides an insight into how Finland is implementing and advancing policies and practices that aim to progress plural ownership of the economy, including making financial power work for local places; fair employment and just labour markets; progressive procurement of goods and services; and, socially productive use of land and property.

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Needs profiles of veterans across the globe

Most service leavers move to civilian life successfully, but research shows generally that veterans are more likely to experience alcohol misuse, homelessness, domestic violence, criminal behaviour and relationship breakdown where they have untreated mental health difficulties.

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In Conversation with Ian Millen of Veterans Outreach Support

Veterans Outreach Support is a UK-based charity that since 2008 has provided welfare, wellbeing and mental health support to veterans and their families. Ian Millen, CEO at Veterans Outreach Support, chatted to Freya Millard from LGIU about the key challenges facing veterans re-entering society, the support needed for the families of ex-service personnel, and how…

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