Topic: Communities and society

From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


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Global Local: Nordic spotlight

Discover the Nordic countries' successes in local governance and how they respond to global challenges such as climate change, ageing populations & more.


Building social cohesion – creating connected and resilient communities

This briefing looks at the role of local government in building and strengthening social cohesion. Written with Cred Consulting, it draws on and shares insights from their resource that was prepared for the NSW Government through collaboration with representatives from NSW local government, Multicultural NSW and Resilient Sydney.

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Notwestminster – growing trust in local democracy 

A strong local democracy relies on good relationships. That’s why the theme of the Notwestminster 2023 local democracy event on 18th February is all about trust. Find out how to get involved.

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All Things Scotland: January policy round up

Welcome to All Things Scotland, LGIU’s weekly collation of everything local government in Scotland. This week we bring you all the latest reports and updates to keep Scottish local government informed, engaged and connected.

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All Things Ireland: What’s on in local government?

Welcome to All Things Ireland. In a week where fallout over Sunday’s events in Croke park captured headlines, LGIU Ireland has collected all the key reports, policy development and funding calls to keep Irish local government informed and connected.

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Truth Telling: What is it, and what role can local government play?

The purpose of this policy briefing is to focus on the third key element in the Uluru Statement: Truth Telling. This briefing provides an overview of what it is and why it’s necessary. It also provides an update on what is happening in Victoria and the Northern Territory, and what we can learn from this.

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All Things Scotland: 2023 levelling up fund- who gets what?

Read LGIU’s weekly collation of everything local government in Scotland, this edition brings you the latest reports and updates to kick-start your 2023 in local government, from updates on the levelling up funds to health and social care update.

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All Things Ireland: Outcomes from COP-27

Welcome to All Things Ireland, LGIU Ireland’s weekly collation of everything local government in Ireland. This week we bring you the latest reports and updates to kick start your 2023 in local government.

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Refugees and asylum seekers: the challenges and opportunities for local authorities

The increase in the number of those seeking asylum in the UK initially brings significant pressure to local government, associated services and infrastructure. In the longer term, however, there are many opportunities and benefits for the UK as the host country. This briefing examines both the challenges and opportunities.

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In Conversation with COSLA President Shona Morrison

On one of December’s many frosty mornings, LGiU Scotland spoke with Cllr Morrison, President of COSLA, in a conversation that ranged from major league baseball, to financing local government and the importance of hybrid working. 

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