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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


Modern slavery and the role of local government

This week’s Global Local bulletin focuses on modern slavery and the role local government can play in prevention, detection and support for victims.

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One day at a time: how local authorities can support modern slavery survivors

Modern slavery affects people throughout our communities. Survivors of modern slavery are our neighbours and it is often local organisations who deliver the frontline support to help them to recover and thrive in their freedom. While the legislative and policy frameworks in the UK to help victims of modern slavery recover and regain control of…

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Reintegrating victims of human trafficking – how do we change the narrative?

In this blog, Anxhela Bruci, founder of EmpowerFULL (a socio-economic model for the reintegration of survivors of human trafficking), discusses the epidemic of modern slavery – with a current victim estimate of over 50 million people – while also highlighting what we can do on a local level to help recovery and reintegration.

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Modern Slavery – Existing in the shadows

Sometimes considered a historical relic of a bygone era, practices of slavery, coercion and exploitation in the workplace remain tragically commonplace, continuing unseen and unaccounted for all around us. Modern slavery, as it is known, is the illegal exploitation and mistreatment of workers for commercial or personal gain. The term covers a wide range of…

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The housing challenges faced by young adults

This briefing looks at the challenges faced by young adults in trying to access good quality housing. For the purpose of this briefing, young adults are defined as people aged under 40 years of age.   

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Rough sleeping in England: where next?

Rough sleeping is falling in England but is still more prevalent than 12 years ago. An updated strategy reaffirms the government’s aim to end rough sleeping by the end of 2024, but will the measures proposed be enough? A new briefing looks at what is being promised.

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A public challenge: Let’s talk about the lack of public toilets

The closure of public toilets in many countries over recent years has drawn attention to an existing issue of insufficient funds in relation to demand. This briefing highlights the problems facing local authorities in providing public toilets and outlines why these problems have an extremely damaging effect on people.

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