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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


In conversation with the Council behind the ‘Halloween capital of the world’

The Halloween traditions that we all know and love originated from an old Irish holiday dating back centuries. To explore the history and discover how it has evolved in Ireland today, LGIU’s Thomas Lynch chats with Aeidin McCarter, the person responsible for making Derry and Strabane the ‘Halloween capital of the world’.

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Stepping forward: how councils are responding to the cost-of-living crisis

This briefing looks at what local authorities are doing to help residents through the cost of living crisis. Councils have devised, or are backing, schemes that help people to keep warm, save energy, and feed themselves and their families. Includes case studies.

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Global Local In brief: Community planning

We cap off our series on community engagement with a look at community planning, examining how wider participation can lead to fairer, more prosperous and inclusive spaces.

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Short-term Rental Accommodation

MAV and LGiU Australia have partnered to deliver a forum for local government Councillors, officers and senior management on how the proliferation of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) is impacting local housing availability and what levers councils have to respond.

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England policy round-up: August/September 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from late July-early October 2022 – a tumultuous time economically, politically and constitutionally, with the death of Queen Elizabeth and a shaky start from the incoming prime minister.

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Community planning

The latest Global Local is packed full of resources on the topic of community planning to support local governments and their communities.