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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


Invisible Men: Notes from the local government book club

Alice Buszard reflects on the ideas raised at LGIU’s first-ever local government book club meeting, where participants discussed “Invisible Women” by Caroline Criado Perez and considered how the information set out in the book could shape local government policymaking.

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Hear here: The Perth and Kinross Youth Voice Forum

This briefing describes how the Youth Voice Forum was developed, with a focus on the event organised by the group. It will be of interest to elected members seeking to engage with young people and other under-represented groups, as well as officers involved in youth work and education.

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Excuse me… why is it women are not seen?

In advance of LGIU’s inaugural book club meeting on 27 August, Kim Fellows weighs in on Invisible Women: Exposing data bias in a world designed for men, and the exclusion of women in designing the environments around us – from PPE not fitting women’s bodies to Alexa not recognising female voices.

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Is this the end of the planning committee?

For almost 75 years, every government has described each tweak to the planning system as the biggest shake-up of planning since the 1947 Planning Act. The Planning for the Future White Paper,  if nothing else, delivers on that recurring promise. We take a closer look in this briefing.

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Bundle: Summer reading list

To keep readers busy over their ‘staycation’ summers, we have collated a new reading (and listening) list of our favourite LGIU content which includes new work as well as pieces from our archives.

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Draft State Strategic Plan for Crown Land – open for comment

There are over 34 million hectares of Crown land in NSW covering 42 per cent of the State. The NSW Government recently released a draft State Strategic Plan for Crown Land for public comment till 20 August 2020. This briefing will explore this plan and Aboriginal land rights for Crown Land.

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A more inclusive approach to economic strategy for local communities

This briefing introduces the concept of Community Wealth Building: an inclusive model for economic development focussed on creating sustainable local economies that generate wealth and keep that wealth circulating in the local economy

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LGIU Fortnightly 6 August: Food security and access

Ingrid Koehler and Jennifer Glover present our latest episode of LGIU Fortnightly, this week covering food security and access during the pandemic. We hear from Naomi Phillips of British Red Cross about their new report looking into the UK’s emergency response to food insecurity during the Covid-19 crisis, as well as Jane Corbett, Assistant Mayor…

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Swift Read: Nudge, fudge and sludge – behavioural insights and Covid-19

Nudge theory has been influential in policymaking over the last decade. Various governments have used nudges in responding to Covid-19, though this has sometimes been controversial. This briefing shows how the UK’s response has been characterised by ‘nudge’, the removal of bureaucratic ‘sludge’ and the occasional policy ‘fudge’.

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