Topic: Communities and society

From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?



After dark – local government and the night-time economy

The night-time economy makes a key contribution to the UK economy and employment but has confronted numerous challenges including the changing nature of the high street, the pandemic and cost of living crisis. This briefing considers the role of local authorities in managing, regulating and supporting local night-time economies.

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And Finally: the impact on voter ID report and kazoo players in Brisbane

Highlights from this week include LGIU's Local Democracy Research Centre's new report on the impact of voter ID on administrators, our latest Global Local on the Universal Basic Income, and there's less than one week to nominate for the LGIU and CCLA Cllr awards!

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Practical tips to get the most out of your community engagement

As councils across Australia are experiencing financial pressures, SGS Economics and Planning’s Liz Webster draws on her own experience to propose practical tips local governments can employ to optimise community engagement processes, reducing costs while still meeting community and legislative expectations.

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Global Local: The power of music

In this week's Global Local, we're looking at how music can foster social cohesion, cultural identity and wellbeing.


What the stats say about your area: the latest ONS place-based statistics and intelligence

Keeping on top of what the ONS datasets tell you about your communities is an important foundation of evidence-informed policy. This briefing overviews England’s recent place-based statistics. It gets under the surface of the Census 2021 releases, explores the evolution of the ONS’s sub-national data explorer, and reviews a selection of recent datasets.

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Music makes the world go round – the role of music in social cohesion, identity and wellbeing

Music has always been an integral part of human societies. This briefing looks at how music, particularly live music, can foster social cohesion, cultural traditions and identity, and health and wellbeing. It discusses how local government can support music participation, drawing on evidence and examples from around the world.

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Local government Australia: Policy roundup, 4th September

Our new ‘bookmark-able’ version of our weekly policy, news and data roundup for Australian local government. This week: A $3bn infrastructure deal for Western Australia, a circular economy framework for Canberra, and a gender equality strategy for Victoria.

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