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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


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Coronavirus: five levels of volunteering and community action

This briefing provides an overview of what councils and partners are doing, at huge speed, to mobilise volunteers and set up community hubs and provides suggestions and examples of good practice.

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Covid-19 and local government in Australia

This briefing provides an update on State and Federal government initiatives that could impact local government in response to Covid-19, along with some example of what different local governments are doing in response to the pandemic. It also looks at some of the issues and challenges for councils.

Australia Briefing
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Supporting the victims of domestic abuse during a pandemic

The necessary response to one public health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, may be inadvertently creating a different one behind closed doors – a rise in domestic violence. Councils have a crucial role to play in maintaining domestic abuse services and support during this period.

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Covid-19: Responses by local government in Ireland

This briefing looks at how local government in Ireland, within its limited range of functions, can provide the necessary local leadership to support those at the frontline, alongside providing assurance and information to the population on actions being taken to confront the virus and its consequences.

Ireland Briefing
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Local government and Covid-19: the lockdown

 This is the third of our coronavirus briefings which update members on new guidance and regulations, look at specific issues, and provide commentary on how Covid-19 is profoundly affecting local government. This briefing focuses on the impact of the lockdown on our communities, individuals and businesses.

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Coronavirus – a village prepares

LGIU health and social care round-up associate and parish councillor, Christine Heron, reports on what her village is doing to prepare for coronavirus.

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Etiquette in the time of corona

Social distancing doesn’t have to be anti-social. How are communities in your area interacting while staying safe?

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Swift Read: COVID-19 and civil society responses

Voluntary and community organisations are already supporting communities through  COVID-19. At the same time, many grassroots mutual aid initiatives have sprung up, linking people who need support with volunteers. The civil society response has been heartening but COVID-19 presents exceptional challenges to the sector and its impact may be long-lasting.

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