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From social engagement to civic action – how can local government engage citizens in democracy and delivery? What can communities do for themselves with the support of local public bodies?


NHS & Third Sector: Working Together for New Parents

Kirsty Nicholls of Fathers Network Scotland writes on the mental health difficulties of parents and the role of third sector organisations in addressing them, covering some of the support services available to parents in addition to explaining why collaboration between service providers can be vital.

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Shared Lives are winning lives

Lesley Stevenson explains the work of Shared Lives, a cost-effective and highly-personalised alternative to residential care where an adult who needs support is matched with an approved, self-employed carer, and either visits them for day support or short breaks, or moves in with them, sharing family and community life.

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Learning themes from the Sport England Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs)

Over the last year, 12 Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs) funded by Sport England have been developing new approaches in local areas to build capacity and inspire active lifestyles, the learning from which is relevant not only to those working in the community sports sector but also to a wider range of partners tackling local challenges…

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Cork County Council: A month in the Life

The latest in our series of briefings exploring a month in the life of an Irish council. In our last instalment of 2019 we’re looking at the many achievements and innovations of Cork County Council from the month of November 2019. Cork County Council is the largest local authority in the country in terms of…

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Connecting the dots: Mayo County Council’s global diaspora

Mayo County Council has been to the forefront of diaspora development and engagement for many years, and the Council has for some years been seeking ways to magnify the human capital and financial resources that emigrants, and their descendants contribute. In doing so, they are a world-leading exemplar of how a local authority can bring…

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The Wigan Deal story

Cllr Lord Peter Smith, winner of the LGiU’s Cllr Awards Lifetime Achievement Award, recalls Wigan’s journey to innovative public service reform.

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What lessons can be learnt from the Wigan Deal?

Over a period of six years, public services in Wigan have been through a major process of transformation, based on the idea of building a different relationship with local people. The new approach to delivering services has become known as the ‘Wigan Deal’.

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LGiU Fortnightly 21st November: The return of placeshaping

Can we call it a comeback? The placeshaping agenda has been making a quiet return in town halls across the country, forging ahead without grand frameworks from Whitehall. In this episode, we speak to Liz Watts, Chief Executive of South Cambridgeshire, and Cancer Research UK’s Stacey Arnold.

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