Climate action and sustainable development

Green and clean. How can local government deliver services and engage citizens for a more sustainable future and a cooler climate?


Restricting rebellion

As the most recent form of environmental activism looks to be curbed by new legal restrictions, we must question if now is really the time to ignore the voices calling for a more sustainable future, writes LGIU’s Alice Buszard.

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Swift Read: The Future of Nature and Business: a blueprint for change

The World Economic Forum’s ‘Future of Nature and Business’ report highlights the materiality of nature loss for businesses and details what transitions are needed to move towards a nature-positive economy. In this briefing, Alice Creasy explores the blueprint set out by these transitions and examine the lessons and opportunities for local government.

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Time to bite the green bullet?

LGIU’s Kim Fellows recently attended a New Economics Foundation seminar on how to win green recovery. In this blog, she outlines the sentiments of the speakers, which suggest a bolder reshaping of our current political and economic system may be necessary for real change.

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A ‘child’s rights’ approach: how one question can help councils plan fairer and healthier futures

Choosing and implementing policies that are coherent with child health and environmental sustainability, rather than accelerated ecological decline, is necessary for a sustainable and fair future. This briefing explains how embedding children’s rights in policy-making starts with one question: how do our policies affect young people’s life-chances now and in the future?

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Bundle: Summer reading list

To keep readers busy over their ‘staycation’ summers, we have collated a new reading (and listening) list of our favourite LGIU content which includes new work as well as pieces from our archives.

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So you’ve declared a climate emergency. What next?

The briefing focuses on case studies of two councils in Victoria, Australia, to better understand how local governments are, and can, respond to and leading change in response to global warming. The results are applicable across Australia – and indeed globally – for anyone interested in building a local government response to mitigating climate change…

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Online meeting: Sustainable Futures policy roundtable

This virtual policy roundtable offers the chance for attendees to outline what they would like to see included in LGIU’s work on Sustainable Futures, as well as an opportunity to share your experiences and plans for the future on these timely issues. The roundtable is part of LGIU’s ongoing Post-Covid Councils project.

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