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Green and clean. How can local government deliver services and engage citizens for a more sustainable future and a cooler climate?


Think piece – what is local authorities’ involvement in COP 26?

It is easy for local actors to get lost in the multitude of high profile talks and side events focusing on national and international strategies and targets. However, there is space for local authorities to play a hugely important part in global events including the COP series.

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Synthetic, natural or hybrid: what is the optimal turf?

This briefing looks at NSW’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) recently released the Synthetic Turf Study In Public Open Space report which applies a wide lens, looking at the potential social environmental and economic impacts, benefits and limitations of synthetic turf.

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Local authorities on the journey to COP26: Shaping a just and fair transition

Ahead of COP26, there is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world the importance of local places in catalysing a green recovery from Covid-19 and a just transition to net zero – and that for communities to adapt and thrive in a climate-changing world, the next phase of decarbonisation needs to put questions of resilience,…


Local Government’s role post-COP 26: Insights from South Tyneside Council

Cllr Tracey Dixon, Leader of South Tyneside Council writes about the climate emergency, South Tyneside’s innovative and ambitious climate policy and the opportunities COP 26 provides us to reopen the debate and call for national policy change to support local authorities.

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Urban flooding – a view from Scotland

Urban flooding is a pressing challenge for local authorities across the world. Kirsty MacRae from the Scottish Flood Forum writes about the situation in Scottish cities and explores what can be done to address this issue going forward.

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Greener homes: the UK grant schemes that hit a red light

The green homes grant voucher scheme was meant to provide a jobs boost (post-Covid) and tackle the climate emergency by making homes more energy-efficient – it did neither. A report by the National Audit Office looks at what went wrong.

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Transport Decarbonisation Plan

This briefing provides an overview of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan (TDP), published in July 2021. The TDP provides details of actions across all modes of transport in order to meet the Government’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

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Shaping a just and fair transition: International perspectives think local

The projects, programmes, networks and initiatives discussed in this briefing highlight the vital roles for subnational institutions and actors – particularly local governments, who have both a leadership and delivery role in driving forward climate action.

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