Climate action and sustainable development

Green and clean. How can local government deliver services and engage citizens for a more sustainable future and a cooler climate?



Weathering the storm: the importance of adaptation and resilience in place-based climate action with local government in the lead

The effects of climate change are becoming more apparent with every passing month and year. This briefing highlights the importance of adaptation within local authority climate governance and explores six case studies of councils in the UK and Ireland working to improve adaptation and develop resilience.

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland Briefing

Net Zero climate targets: key action areas for local government

This briefing explores local government’s potential role in decarbonization, looking at how councils can take action, along with some local government case studies. This briefing concludes with a framework for the development of a local action plan for emissions reduction.

Australia Briefing

Healthy economy, healthy people, healthy planet: achieving a net zero UK

This briefing looks at the UKEAG report on Sustainable Health Equity, a timely and much-welcomed piece of work. It builds an extremely strong case for embedding concerns for public health and wellbeing at the centre of climate change decision-making

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

LGIU Fortnightly 15 February: Sustainability, growth and regulation

In this week’s episode, Ingrid Koehler and Jonathan Carr-West provide an overview of LGIU’s recent work, including our new 20-minute neighbourhoods bundle which outlines the benefits of accessible cities and signposts ideas that can feed into recovery from Covid-19 by building stronger and more resilient communities.

England & Wales, Scotland Podcast Blog

Supply chains, land use planning and the circular economy

This briefing, part of a series looking at the concept of a circular economy, explores the importance of understanding supply chains in order to effectively integrate circular economy goals with land use planning and economic development.

Australia Briefing

Wicklow County Council’s Relove Fashion: Chambers Ireland 2020 Sustainable Environment award winners

Winning the Chambers Ireland Excellence in local government award for Sustainable Environment was Wicklow County Council’s Relove Fashion competition, a project encouraging secondary school students in Ireland to forge an interest in reuse and sustainability, and to rethink their approach to fashion. In this blog, they tell us more about the initiative.

Ireland Blog Post Blog

Bundle: 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

With lockdowns imposed across the globe, Covid-19 put a magnifying glass over local infrastructure – in many cases exposing gaps and inequality. The result has been renewed enthusiasm for 20-minute cities, which prioritise local access to services. In this bundle, we dive into the urban planning ideal to provide a local government perspective.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland Publication

Urban wetlands for liveability, biodiversity and fighting climate change

This briefing looks at how the provision of green infrastructure, including urban waterways and wetlands, can both stimulate the economy through ‘building back greener’ at the same time as helping to mitigate climate change and biodiversity loss.

Australia Briefing