Topic: Climate action and sustainable development

Green and clean. How can local government deliver services and engage citizens for a more sustainable future and a cooler climate?


Urban flooding – a view from Scotland

Urban flooding is a pressing challenge for local authorities across the world. Kirsty MacRae from the Scottish Flood Forum writes about the situation in Scottish cities and explores what can be done to address this issue going forward.

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Greener homes: the UK grant schemes that hit a red light

The green homes grant voucher scheme was meant to provide a jobs boost (post-Covid) and tackle the climate emergency by making homes more energy-efficient – it did neither. A report by the National Audit Office looks at what went wrong.

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Transport Decarbonisation Plan

This briefing provides an overview of the Transport Decarbonisation Plan (TDP), published in July 2021. The TDP provides details of actions across all modes of transport in order to meet the Government’s commitment to net zero emissions by 2050.

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Shaping a just and fair transition: International perspectives think local

The projects, programmes, networks and initiatives discussed in this briefing highlight the vital roles for subnational institutions and actors – particularly local government, who have both a leadership and delivery role, in driving forward climate action.

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Online Training: Effective local climate governance after COP26

During COP26 the LGIU Is running a workshop on Climate Governance after COP26. This online workshop will use case studies from across the UK to explore frameworks for effective local climate governance using case studies from across the UK.

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Ireland’s Budget 2022 impact on local government

In the Budget 2022, the Government of Ireland continued with its reconfiguration of national and local spending to provide a clear view on moving towards carbon neutrality.

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Bundle: Flood resilience and recovery

Severe flooding has hit communities around the globe this year, disrupting lives and livelihoods and causing lasting damage to infrastructure and housing. This bundle highlights innovative local government policy to prevent and manage flooding, tying into this week’s Global Local Recap.

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How can nature-based infrastructure provide solutions to flooding? A global look at adoption

In the coming decades, the impact of coastal, fluvial and pluvial flooding will significantly increase across many parts of the world, making effective flood risk management crucial. Nature-based flood measures are receiving increasing attention for their ability to not only provide the same protection as grey infrastructure but co-benefits including ecosystem conservation.

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