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Local government’s Brexit preparations: the Chief Executive view

LGiU ran a survey of chief executives of all UK local authorities, asking them about how their council is preparing for Brexit. The survey ran throughout September 2019, receiving 63 responses (15% of chief executives) covering councils in all regions and all tiers.

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Building from the ground up

Jonathan Carr-West’s latest column in The Municipal Journal.

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LGiU Fortnightly 13th Sept – Brexit planning for councils

As the 31st October approaches, councils across the country are preparing for a no-deal Brexit scenario – with very little guidance and minimal resources. As a major import centre for animal feed and pharmaceuticals, Cllr Tudor Evans, Leader of Plymouth City Council, tells us about his concerns for managing increased traffic through the city’s port,…

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Brexit: Children’s Services and Education – DfE guidance

Six documents, including guidance on the possibility of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit cover local authority children’s care services, schools, further and higher education, those studying in the EU and data protection. Guidance includes what advice to give to parents and workers who are EU citizens and the impact on the supply chain of predicted shortages of…

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The Regional and Sectoral Impacts of Brexit

This briefing deals with what has been said so far about specific regional and sectoral impacts of Brexit; it concludes with a brief review of the meaning of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, which has recently come to be considered as a serious policy option in the current debate.

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Brexit Update August 2019

What has the new regime in number 10 meant for local government in relation to brexit planning and how are councils meant to prepare for a possible no deal brexit? We consider some of the possible economic and constitutional implications and challenges facing councils – both immediate and more long-term.

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Swift Read: Brexit and local government – the Government responds

The Government responded recently to the recent HCLG committee report on brexit and local government. It says it has found strategic engagement with local government on brexit valuable and accepts all of the committee’s recommendations ‘in spirit and in principle’, but key detail and timescales remain unclear.

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Oireachtas Review: June/July 2019

In the final Oireachtas Review before summer recess, we cover the Climate Emergency Bill, the Brexit update and Citizen’s Assemblies.

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Memo for the new PM…let local government deliver

And then there were two…. After a dramatic week last week (followed by a tumultuous weekend) we now know which of two men will become Prime Minister at the end of July. This is about as close as things get to certainty in British politics right now, writes Jonathan Carr-West.

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