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A round up of Brexit coverage


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Bundle: Brexit

After 47 years of membership the UK leaves the EU today (31st January 2020). This bundle brings together the content that we have produced on Brexit over the past few years.

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Leaving the Committee of the Regions, not Europe

Brexit means that UK local government will have no place on the Committee of the Regions; but, writes Janet Sillett, links to European counterparts remain crucial and the subsidiarity principle must be upheld in a post-Brexit UK.

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Getting Brexit done: the end of the beginning

The real Brexit work may be only just starting. And as Janet Sillett writes there is a great deal at stake for local government.

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Brexit Update – January 2020

This briefing updates members on the Brexit timeline over the next few months, legislation going through parliament and some key issues for UK local government and the devolved administrations.

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Brexit Lead Officer Network

LGiU is convening a network for those officers tasked with coordinating their councils’ Brexit planning and response.

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FREE Seminar: Personal Safety for Councillors

This is an essential programme for Councillors who are mindful of their personal safety, particularly at the moment when many Members are canvassing during Purdah.

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The Brexit saga – reflections on a historical analogy

As the October 2019 Brexit deadline looms (subject to any possible extension), with anticipation of an orderly exit ebbing and flowing, this long read offers some reflections on the story so far from an Irish perspective.

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Queen’s speech 2019 – Key announcements for local government

Today the Queen opened a new Parliamentary session with her speech outlining the Prime Minister’s legislative agenda. As expected, it was largely dominated by plans for the UK’s departure from the EU but there were aspects of the Government’s new domestic plans with implications for local government.

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