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Cross border family law and migrant children after the transition period

From the end of the transition period (31 December 2020), the current EU regulatory framework for cross border family law cases is likely to cease as the UK will need to rely on international conventions rather than EU law. This affects children of EU citizens in the UK (and children of UK citizens in EU…

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EU-UK future relationship: negotiation endgame

What are the remaining negotiation issues between the EU and the UK? We look here at the endgame for the negotiations, the related debate on the UK internal market, and questions surrounding the end of the transition.

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Central government needs to stand back

As the country faces the fall-out from Brexit, a second wave and limited funding for councils, Jonathan Carr-West predicts doom and gloom this autumn if central government doesn’t stand back and allow local government to take the lead in his latest column for the Municipal Journal.

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Could a regional immigration system be used to address labour shortages in rural areas?

A new points based immigration is coming to the UK soon. What effect will that have on labour shortages in critical service areas like care or tourism outside of major cities? Could a New Zealand-style system be part of the answer? Cameron Boyle from the Immigration Advice Service explores the issues.

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Project Ireland 2040: Building Ireland’s future?

Background Ireland experienced the start of an economic boom during the second half of the 1990s. Unemployment rates fell from 14% in 1994 to less than 4% in 2000 and per capita incomes and outputs reached EU averages. Despite this very impressive performance, disparities between and within regions in Ireland remained. The Greater Dublin Area…

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EU-UK future relationship: impact of Covid-19

The UK’s exit from the transition period will bring significant change, with or without a new deal. Local government will have to contend with managing the continuing and unpredictable Covid-19 situation, the recovery, and the Brexit changeover simultaneously. We summarise the state of negotiations and the potential impact on councils.

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Flooding policy in England – early signs of a Brexit benefit?

Dr. Andy Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for the LGIU, covers the launch of a new flooding policy statement from Defra and an associated Flood and Coastal Erosion Management (FCERM) strategy for England from the Environment Agency. Both documents are hard-wired into the new Environment Bill 2020 and the Agriculture Bill 2020

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Budget March 2020: Analysis

This briefing covers progress towards the fiscal targets and economic forecasts that accompanied Budget March 2020 in addition to brief commentary on other announcements, including those for capital and departmental spending, taxes, and welfare, and the Government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

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The future of immigration

The government’s post-Brexit immigration system is focussing firmly on skills and the economy. But what will it mean for local government and the wider economy? We look at the Home Office’s proposals and some of the key issues raised, including possible skill shortages in sectors such as adult care.

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