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Think before you tweet!


It is with exasperation that I report that Argyll and Bute council has banned teachers from Twitter. The ban followed the inappropriate use of the site by a teacher who used it to criticise pupils.

Blanket bans however understandable are rarely the best way forward and usually unworkable. What we really need here is a code of professional ethics for working with social network sites. We must equip, enable and train the children’s workforce to understand and utilise this relatively new phenomenon.  Social network sites can assist us to consult with young people that find our services hard to reach.

The LGiU are currently working with over 30 local authorities on the development of safe and effective guidance to engage and empower children and young people through the use of social network sites and other new media to be published in the summer.

Meanwhile it may be prudent to remember some of the basic rules of Facebook etiquette by clicking here!