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The power of the network


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Individuals act, but networks influence and inform.

I’m a big believer in the power of networks to share information and to get stuff done. That’s why I’m very excited that LGiU is supporting a new network of policy leads in our member organisations to share their experience and thinking, to work with us as we continue to unpick some of the challenging, exciting and thorny issues in local public services.

We already have lots of knowledge, experience and insight inside local government, but as budgets get tighter and workloads get heavier, it becomes less and less likely that we can share that knowledge easily through chance meeting of people in different councils.

But the need to access knowledge increases – and there are some areas where no one yet knows the answers.  The model of public service is changing perhaps as rapidly as it’s done since the development of modern local government in the 19th century.  So:

  • How do councils transform their ‘business’ to meet the challenging requirements of shifting council priorities and less money?
  • How do we work in radically different ways with the public – managing demand and supporting local people through the facilitation of community services rather than through direct provision?
  • What does good governance look like in an era of convening or curating services and facilitating relationships?

These are tough questions with complex solutions.  The answers and innovations are going to be dotted around the country and even around the world.  To share this information more quickly and to support the adoption and adaptation of innovations we need networks. And we’re excited to be working with some of the most talented and insightful people in local government who work across services to support local people.

If we’re moving toward a future of connected localism, we need a network of connected localists to help us get there as smartly as we can. Join us.



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