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The long and the short of it


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At LGiU we are big fans of long reads – something a bit more chunky than a blog post but still a one sitting read, with the added bonus of some striking imagery and video content. We have published a number of long reads on the Shorthand Social platform.

These long reads are a chance for us to look in depth at a particular issue or develop our thinking around a theme. Our first ever long read was on Flood Resilience and the role of councils in helping communities to recover from floods. Most recently in Identity, Communities, Regeneration Janet Sillett has been looking at the importance of place in everything that local government does.

We have run a couple of long read series: the first was Future Local which developed ideas about what the future might hold for local government across seven different spheres. The three long reads that formed our Reviving Localism series explore some core policy challenges for local government – finance, devolution and local democracy, and adult social care.

LGiU long reads

Flood Resilience: new directions in recovery

Future Local Part 1: Sovereignty

Future Local Part 2: Creative destruction

Future Local Part 3: A written constitution

Future Local Part 4: A taxing issue

Future Local Part 5: The future of local leadership

Future Local Part 6: At the centre of local economic life

Future Local Part 7: Global participation

Telling Stories: reality, fiction and local government

Lessons from the Greater Manchester Experiment (Reviving Localism)

Local Government: In the money? (Reviving Localism)

A New Settlement for Social Care (Reviving Localism)

Identity, Communities, Regeneration: Sense of place in local government