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Local Government needs strong leadership

The Localism Bill is pushing us towards new, more personalised ways of service delivery. At the same time, the Spending Review requires councils to deliver savings of 28% by 2015. This will lead to unprecedented change in our public services.

Local government needs strong, effective and creative leadership.The LGiU’s Local Leaders collection is devoted to such thinking.

What is this map about?

The ambition of this area of the local democracy blog is to publish posts from Council Leaders (UK and international) who we believe are the most innovative and inspirational in local government. Posts are focused on ‘new approaches’ to local democracy’ and highlight the best examples of local initiatives that putting citizens in control of their own lives, communities and local services.

All posts will be pinned on to the above map in order to make them easier to access.

Posts so far

Over this past week we have published posts from Cllr Nick Forbes, Newcastle CC, discussing the cultural changes required of local government, Cllr Ravi Govindia, LB WWandsworth, call for even bolder localism and Cllr David Shakespeare OBE, Bucks CC, explain the greatest period of public service change in peacetime history.

Earlier today we published a post from Cllr Sean Brennan, Leader of LB Sutton arguing that “once you move away from the ‘toxic’ brand and start looking at what local authorities are doing in practice, Big Society thinking is clearly gathering pace with more ‘pulling power’ than ever”.

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