England & Wales

The 2011 Summer Riots: one year on


This report draws on research carried out by LGiU to examine the local government response to the summer riots of 2011, and gives a snapshot of how prepared local authorities are to respond to future riots.

LGiU surveyed 53 local authorities asking what action they have taken in the last 12 months since the riots happened.

Their answers provide a snapshot of how local authorities are working to prevent and respond to riots in the communities.

Our results show us:

– 8 out of 10 local authorities who experienced riots in 2011 do not think there will be a repeat this year.

– overall 95% of local authorities feel that they are prepared if riots were to break out.

– nearly half of local authorities have reviewed their emergency plans since last year following the recommendations in the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel report.

– despite a tough financial climate 6 out of 10 have begun or continued work to build social capital or community resilience as a way of mitigating the risk of unrest.

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