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Ten things council policy teams want to do better

LGiU infographic

policy top improvement

  • Communicating policy and performance externally
  • Impact analysis
  • Sharing knowledge with partners
  • Advanced statistical work
  • Incorporating user voice in policy or analysis
  • Networking with policy staff at nearby authorities
  • Evidence based policy
  • Options analysis
  • Performance management
  • Communicating policy and performance internally

In a recent survey of LGiU Policy Network members, policy leads were asked about the form and function of their policy teams. We asked how policy teams were organised, what they did, what they were good at and what they wished they did better.

I’m not surprised that incorporating user voice is there, but it’s a little curious that people think they could do better at communicating performance – internally and externally – given that’s something which there was a big emphasis on over the years of Best Value.

Are you surprised by the list? If you’re one of the councils that did some these things well…how did you do it?

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