Submitting an article to LGIU

LGIU – Local Government Information Unit – is a not-for-profit, non-partisan membership organisation. We are for local government and anyone with an interest in local democracy and finding local solutions to the challenges that we all face.

Our local government members in the UK, Ireland, Australia and our Global Local readers worldwide would be really interested to hear more about the innovative work at your council. The most effective way to do this is through an article on our website which can then be shared with all of our readers via our case study library and our two newsletters, which are open to members and non-members alike. Together these newsletters reach over 30,000 local government colleagues.

Article guidelines

What happens next?

When you send us a draft, if our editorial team thinks your article is pretty much ready to go, we’ll publish as soon as we have an available slot. We have to balance our publication schedule, geography and topics, but it doesn’t usually take too long. We’ll proof your article and make minor corrections to typos or for inadvertent grammatical errors and may amend some things to fit house style, but we’ll get back in touch with you if there is anything at all substantial we think needs editing or we’re not sure about something. Then we’ll let you know when it’s published.

What about sharing?

Please do share the link as widely as you’d like, on your organisation intranet, social media, etc.