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Stockport so far


The LGiU are running a conference today in collaboration with Stockport MBC.

Jonathan Carr-West has been tweeting out the key bits of Andrew Stunnell MP and Cllr Dave Goddard, Leader, Stockport MBC speeches.

You can follow Jonathan here.

Key points so far


  • Andrew Stunell: there has been very little space for councils between prohibited and compulsory, led to a dependency culture


  • Stunell: key change is to become bottom up – localism bill is not a trick, they really mean it 


  • Stunell : “the bill is making a fundamental change. this is the big stuff”


  • Stunell: “the localism bill is scary because it gives you a licence to fix things”


  • Stunell: rules about predetermination to change so that councillors can say what they think


  • Stunell: Not just about giving local authorities more power it’s also about making them more accountable to public


  • Stunell on barrier busting 1st q who is stopping you 2nd q what are they stopping you doing?


  • Stunell “There is not going to be a code of practice on localism”


  • Stunell: councils have 3-4 years to really embed localism. It can only happen if people make it happen


  • Stunell quizzed on Henry VIII clauses he says it’s “a little bit frustrating but is not really a way of exercising a lot of power”


  • Next up Cllr Dave Goddard leader of Stockport


  • Cllr Goddard: AGMA is the logical conclusion of localism. True localism strengthens local democracy and instills humility


  • Stockport response to Localism Bill “Yes…. but”



  • Cllr Goddard people do want to get involved, localism bill puts meat on the bones of how to do this


  • Cllr Goddard: council does not have the monopoly on good ideas needs to work with the community


  • And now @lgiu‘s very own Laurie Thraves giving insight into the right to challenge


  • Most councils admit their procure admit their procurement process is hard for community groups to access says Laurie


  • Based I should say on fascinating forthcoming research from @LGiU