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Smile, though your heart is breaking


Paralysis at the top of government and a £178 billion defecit has cast a slight cloud over local government. The LGA, however, is doing its bit to keep calm and carry on. Gloomy readers will be cheered by its season of song-themed summer debates:

22 June: The first cut is the deepest? Making tough choices
30 June: Schools-out for ever? Where now for the schools system?
19 July: Got to take power back* – Localism: what will it mean?
21 July: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – How can we increase engagement in politics and improve the reputation of politicians?

And, for those not in the mood for a laugh, there’s always ”What’s new in heritage: developments and challenges for the local historic environment” on 19 July.

* By Rage Against The Machine, apparently.