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We’re always happy to hear from local government.  Write a piece for our blog, let us know what you’d like for us to cover in our members only briefings, or maybe you have an idea for LGIU’s podcast. We’re all ears (or whatever the text equivalent may be).

Submit an idea via the form. It goes straight into our editorial review so your idea can become our mission to get it to tens of thousands of local government in councils around the world.

You don’t need to fill it all out – just a few words might be enough to get us started, but we have space for you to link to or upload content. If you already have something written up, see our blog submission guidelines below.

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Have a piece that’s ready to roll? We love sharing what our members are learning and doing. We have some helpful hints below, but we’re always ready to work with you to let your story shine.

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Blog post submission guidelines:

We want to share interesting practice and opinion by local government elected officials and paid staff from around the world. We are looking for stories about your problems and solutions, focused on the local context, but with lessons, learning and inspiration for practitioners in other places.  You can submit a case study of work you’ve already done or maybe a problem that you’re working on now or a common challenge that’s facing local government.

General guidelines:

  • We’re looking for original content that’s never been published elsewhere. If you would like to repost something, please make sure to let us know that and that the author and original platform are ok with it being republished and share the link to the original post.
  • Focus on practice, not partisan politics. Of course local government is political, but avoid being partisan.
  • We recommend blog posts be between 400 and 1200 words.
  • Use a friendly and informal tone.
  • If you want to submit a picture, please make sure to include attribution and that image is either copyright free or you have the creator’s permission.
  • Include an author bio of about 50-75 words with the job title that you’d like to see displayed.

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We’ve shared articles from elected representatives, councillors, mayors and commissioners as well as local government staff, project teams and partners. We also highlight practical research findings from academics.