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Send us your covid clips – we want to hear your voice


Image by pablojuliann from Pixabay

Send us your audio clips

No matter where you are in local government we want to hear from you. Send us your clips.

  • Are you a councillor finding unprecedented leadership challenges?
  • Are you a front line social worker?
  • Are you working in comms getting out the message?
  • Are you at home distancing and dealing with new, unruly co-workers?

Wherever you are in the world, we are looking for short clips of 30 seconds to two minutes in length for the LGIU Fortnightly podcast and create an audio archive of the local government experience.

What should you talk about?

Basically anything about how your life is changed, what you’re doing to support your communities. If you’re happy to just talk – that’s great. If it’s easier for you to answer a question then we have some below. We suggest just focusing on one or possibly two questions and then leaving it at that. You can always send us another clip later.

Always start with:


Some possible questions:

  • How has day to day life changed?
  • What do you need that you don’t have?
  • What is inspiring you?
  • What has broken your heart today?
  • What is your biggest challenge?
  • What are you worried about?
  • What do you want your local communities to know?
  • Will this change how you work when it’s all over?
  • What have you learnt in the last week?
  • What would your key message be:
    • To others in your council?
    • To people in other councils with a similar role who may be further ahead/behind the pandemic curve?
    • To the community?
    • To government


How to do it

You don’t have to have a studio – just your phone or laptop will do. Use the voice recording, voice memo function on your smart phone. Find a quiet room with a lot of soft furnishings, a bedroom is good, under the duvet is even better. If you’re using your phone put a sock over the microphone end so you can hold it close to your face (we recommend a clean sock) and speak directly into the mic.

Alternatively, let us hear what your working environment is like. A little bit of background noise can really tell a story.

Email me the clip at [email protected] (Why here? In case I get sick, someone else will pull this together.)




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