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Trust: Information, communication and democracy

Can we keep local democracy healthy through a pandemic? Join us for an online seminar looking at trust, communication and information. During these trying times we face not just a pandemic, but an infodemic. Citizens are faced with a barage of both public health and political information and misinformation. Join us to discuss how messaging…

England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

‘Trust me, I’m from the local council’: trust in public institutions

Democracy, the economy and public services all depend on trust but there are historically low levels of trust in politicians and political institutions. This report finds important differences in levels of trust by age group, gender and income bracket, which could impact on the effectiveness of policy making and communications

England & Wales, Scotland

Providing of affordable workspaces: How councils can utilise property assets

In this case study, Andrew Cribb (co-founder of 3Space, a UK-based affordable workspace provider) shares examples from the UK of how councils are managing their property portfolios to provide affordable spaces and deliver sustainable economic growth objectives.

Australia, England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

Using technology for public participation

Public participation globally has been made more difficult by Covid-19 measures. How have local authorities globally adapted to sustain participation? We consider here the challenges and strengths of using technology, including an account of what has been happening in South Africa.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland