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Unveiling the challenges of councillor recruitment and retention

This briefing summarises the main discoveries and recommendations from the AILG “The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government” report, shedding light on the challenges that hinder the retention of existing councillors and the recruitment of new candidates.


Charities and the local government funding crisis

The financial fortunes of local government and the voluntary sector are intertwined. Relationships between councils and charities go beyond direct funding, ranging from landlord/tenant, commissioner/provider, or simply trusted partners. Three recent reports explore the risks to the voluntary sector of local government cutbacks and the implications for communities.

England & Wales, Scotland

New insights from the latest edition of the SGS Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index

This latest edition of SGS’ Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index provides timely evidence on the social, economic and environmental trends of Australia’s cities and regions. It shows the importance of place and reprises the reality that where you live influences your access to opportunities and overall wellbeing.


Speaking for the community – how representative are local councillors?

Councillors speak for the local communities, but how representative are they of the residents who elect them? This new briefing looks at a study into the characteristics of councillors in London by the Migrant Democracy Project, which has lessons for local government in other parts of the UK.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study

Ireland’s Planning and Development Bill 2023 – Parts 7 and 8

This briefing is part of our series covering the Planning and Development Bill. It covers Parts 7 and 8 of the Bill, which consists of the “Housing Strategy and Supply” and “Miscellaneous Powers of Planning Authorities”.