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Report: Exploring Economic and Enterprise Opportunities from Climate Action

This report by LGIU for the Eastern and Midlands Climate Action Regional Office (CARO) in Ireland utilises international case study work to explore the economic opportunities of climate action at a local level across the global stage,  drawing out practical lessons for local adaptation and mitigation efforts.

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On the level: six principles to underpin the levelling up White Paper

Over the last two years the LGIU has published a series of briefings and research papers to try and clarify what levelling up will entail, whether it is a coherent policy and how local government can respond. This paper brings together this work to look at the opportunities levelling up offers and the risks it…

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Collection: Resettling refugees and migrants

The habitability of countries around the world is changing and causing a significant rise in migration. From humanitarian crises in Ukraine and the Middle East, to climate-related disasters causing migration in the Pacific Islands and East Africa. This collection presents relevant LGIU resources focused on resettling migrants and refugees.


A manifesto for councillors

This paper has been prepared for the Local Democracy Research Centre to stimulate debate about the future role of councillors – it will help to form the basis of future discussion forums. We welcome any responses.

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Devometrics: How to Measure Decentralisation? A Review of the Literature

How can we measure, understand and compare the decentralisation of power in different contexts? In this first paper in our Devometrics project with the University of Kent Paolo Dardanelli and Kieran Wright scope out the issues and challenges, appraise current approaches and begin to apply them in practical contexts.


The mechanics of devolving power

Building on a framework of dimensions of autonomy, Mark Sandford, Senior Researcher at the House of Commons Library, looks at the mechanisms and processes that need to be in place to devolve and decentralise power. The analysis focusses on English local government, but the framework has wider implications and will be of interest within other…


A New Settlement: place and wellbeing in local government

In this paper we argue that building back better after the pandemic must include a new settlement for place that reconnects the government’s “levelling up” ambitions with the decentralisation of power in England.

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An introduction to overview and scrutiny

This guide has been produced for elected members who are involved in the council’s overview and scrutiny process and want to develop their questioning skills. 

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