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A Human Rights Act for Australia: How will it affect local government?

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released a Position Paper offering a model for an Australian Human Rights Act and associated reforms. This briefing provides an overview of the AHRC’s Position Paper and their proposed model and what implications this holds for local government.


Budget 2023 – devolution and local economic development issues

How will the 2023 Budget drive forward devolution and local economic development? This briefing provides the major answers of substance – Investment Zones, Trailblazer devolution deals and a breadth of other policies and programmes. Read on to get a sense of what it all means for your area and communities.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland
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Sharing lessons from Ireland and Spain on actions to tackle child poverty

This briefing explains the fundamentals of the EU Child Guarantee, compares the national plans from Ireland and Spain, and suggests some areas of action for local authorities everywhere to address child poverty.

England & Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

2023 Budget: a deeper dive into the implications for local government

This briefing looks at some of the details in the 2023 Budget that are of particular relevance to the local government community. It includes a short summary of the Budget’s economic context and refers to some subsequent relevant announcements.

England & Wales, Scotland

Essential guide to Local Election Communications

This guide is focussed on some easy steps to make election communications better so that local people know where to vote, who they can vote for and how much their vote mattered in the final outcome.

England & Wales

Budget 2023 – A revolution in childcare?

The 2023 Budget press release proclaims it to be a ‘revolution in childcare’ with a promise to more than double the State’s financial support for the sector by 2026-28. But what actually is the revolution, and will it succeed? LGIU’s John Fowler and Megan Pacey examine the details.

England & Wales

UK Resilience Framework – a ‘whole of society’ approach to emergency planning

Emergency planning is nothing new, but the scale of the threats the nation faces is unparalleled. Many threats are global, but emergencies are experienced locally, so local authorities are at the heart of resilience. The UK government’s new resilience framework sets out the direction for a ‘whole of society’ approach, this briefing explores the plan.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland