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Proposed reform of Ireland’s planning system

This briefing outlines the main reforms included in the Bill and will be of interest to elected members and staff of local authorities. Future briefings will look in greater depth at a number of the key elements of the proposed new legislation.


Victorian kindergarten reforms and demands on the sector

In June 2022, the Victorian Government announced that it would be expanding its ‘Best Start, Best Life’ kindergarten program. This briefing provides an overview of the reforms, the impacts on the local government sector, the kindergarten sector more broadly, and the different ways local governments are responding.


LGIU special report: Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Bill 2023

The Local Government (Mayor of Limerick) Bill 2023 was published on the 3rd of August 2023 and will come before the Dáil and Seanad in the autumn. This special report provides a summary and guidance on the key provisions of the legislation and what it will mean for Limerick City and County Council.

Ireland, Northern Ireland

Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Legacy: an opportunity for a rethink

This briefing is focused on Brisbane and its approach to hosting the Olympics. It shares insights and case studies related to inclusive economies, responding to climate change, how we reuse and repurpose infrastructure, social impact, grassroots innovation, and the creation of affordable spaces.

Australia With case study

Desired future character – What does that mean, and how do we define it?

This briefing explores the term ‘desired future character’, what it means, and how it has been used in the context of the NSW planning system. While this briefing draws on the NSW experience, it offers tips and observations that will be of value more broadly for all those working to manage change in their local…


Office for Local Government launch and update

This briefing provides a description of the Office for Local Government (Oflog), first announced in the Levelling Up white paper. The launch took place in early July with a headline speech by Secretary of State, Michael Gove, and the posting of a policy paper and Oflog Data Explorer.

England & Wales

Five years of the Homelessness Reduction Act: has it made a difference?

The Homelessness Reduction Act is five years old, but homelessness in England is going up, not down. Is the Act partly to blame or are councils doing as much as they can to assist people, thereby limiting rises in homelessness? This briefing investigates.

England & Wales With case study

To be or not to be ‘taken in charge’

This briefing explores the Irish local authority “taking in charge” policy and its legal ramifications in a recent High Court judgement. This will be of interest to elected members and staff of local authorities, as well as to Irish Water and other statutory undertakers who carry out works on, over or under public roads.

Ireland With case study

It’s only a matter of time: Accessibility and the 15-minute city

This briefing explores a common critique associated with the 15-minute city model. In its various iterations, from the 30-minute to the 15-minute, and even the 5-minute city, speed matters: but who does it serve? And how can its adoption engage the meaningful participation of all citizens?