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The future of a wellbeing economy is just an economy

Australia’s shift towards a wellbeing economy, prioritising holistic wellbeing over GDP, is gaining momentum. This briefing examines recent trends in wellbeing, and explores questions of how else government can effect sustainable policy shifts and whether the current scrutiny on wellbeing measurement detracts from implementation?


The Rates System in Northern Ireland Part 1

This briefing considers the rating system in Northern Ireland. It explores how the rating system has evolved, the current nature of the rating system in comparative perspective to the arrangements for property taxation and financing of local government elsewhere in the UK, and alternatives to rating.

Global, Northern Ireland
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Can AI help local government with regulatory inspections?

This briefing explores how artificial intelligence is transforming local government’s approach to regulatory obligations. It highlights AI’s role in automating inspections, providing insights, and enhancing efficiency and compliance, particularly in budget-constrained areas. The piece also discusses the challenges local authorities face and the importance of maintaining public trust while adopting new technologies.

England & Wales, Global With case study
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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections 2024 Part 1

This briefing, as part of our LGIU special report series on Ireland’s local elections, delves into the key issues and challenges that have emerged during the campaign period, unpacks current candidate data and polling figures, and explores the currently available party manifestos.


Explainer: children’s services and young people

This explainer gives you the full rundown on education and children’s services for new councillors or anyone needing a comprehensive overview of local authorities’ roles in this area.

England & Wales

Local authorities adapting to the new normal to improve food safety

This briefing emphasises the critical importance of food safety and the role of UK regulatory bodies and local authorities in up keeping public health measures. It discusses challenges such as funding, staffing, and adapting to new business models and inspection methods, highlighting the impact on food safety inspections and public health risks.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study