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The National Infrastructure Commission Partnership

The NIC has announced five cities and city regions that it will provide tailored support to improve delivery of housing, and economic growth and transport improvements. The authorities will work with the NIC to develop strategies to improve local transport connections, unlock job opportunities and deliver much-needed new homes.

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Financial Exclusion and Credit Unions in Scotland and the UK

As individual and family debt has increased, there has been growing interest in credit unions. Local authorities across the UK have played a significant role in promoting credit unions and financial inclusion. This briefing outlines some successful examples in both Scotland, England and wider.

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Reform in New Zealand: a new emphasis on well-being

This policy briefing looks at the current shift in public policy in New Zealand towards a much greater emphasis on well-being as the purpose of government at all levels, with consideration towards other jurisdictions.

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Clare’s Rural Development Strategy: Innovative approaches to rural development

Last Thursday, in the most appropriately rural of locations, Kilmaley, the Clare Rural Development Strategy 2026 was launched by newly appointed Minister for Rural and Community Affairs, Mr. Michael Ring, T.D., at a ceremony hosted by the Clare Rural Development Forum. LGIU’s Hannah Muirhead was in attendance, and here explores some of the key innovations…

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