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LGIU's case studies showcase best practices from local government, providing insights and practical examples. These in-depth explorations cover many topics and offer actionable insights for real-world applications. Create a free LGIU website account to access exclusive content and sign up for our newsletters.


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Local authorities adapting to the new normal to improve food safety

This briefing emphasises the critical importance of food safety and the role of UK regulatory bodies and local authorities in up keeping public health measures. It discusses challenges such as funding, staffing, and adapting to new business models and inspection methods, highlighting the impact on food safety inspections and public health risks.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study
Members & Global Local

Rural depopulation: the role for local government

This briefing discusses the challenges and policy solutions related to declining populations, focusing on rural depopulation’s economic, social, and cultural impacts. It highlights the importance of local government in addressing depopulation through creative, place-sensitive approaches and contrasts deficit models with strategies that leverage local strengths, like culture and natural resources.

Global, Ireland With case study
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Empowering modern fathers: how can local government pave the way for active fatherhood?

This briefing emphasises the critical role fathers play in their children’s education, suggesting that their involvement leads to better outcomes. It highlights opportunities for local councils to support father engagement through initiatives like reading groups and partnerships with schools. Ultimately, underscoring a gap in dad-specific policies and programs.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland With case study
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Social value and the new Procurement Act – evolution or revolution?

There is growing interest in procurement as a strategic lever to deliver policy objectives such as levelling up and carbon reduction. This briefing explains forthcoming changes for social value arising from the Procurement Act 2023 and provides examples of how councils can include social value in contracts.

England & Wales With case study

A guide for better open space planning in growth areas

Adequate, high-quality and accessible open space is critical to local community wellbeing; however, this is not what is occurring in practice. This briefing examines best practices in open space planning and provides guidance in navigating the impacts of decreasing open space availability.

Australia With case study

Speaking for the community – how representative are local councillors?

Councillors speak for the local communities, but how representative are they of the residents who elect them? This new briefing looks at a study into the characteristics of councillors in London by the Migrant Democracy Project, which has lessons for local government in other parts of the UK.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study
Members & Global Local

Defining fast fashion: why it’s a problem for local government and local communities

This briefing explores the fast fashion industry as a whole and the issues it generates for local areas. It sets out the policy levers that local government can use and how they can work directly with their communities to tackle fast fashion. Inside, you’ll find a range of case study examples of community-led initiatives supported…

England & Wales, Global With case study

Empowering futures: Services that support disabled children and families in Scotland

This briefing highlights the many varied challenges, including poverty, housing, child protection and mental health issues, facing disabled children and families who care for those children. It considers the legislative and strategic policy framework to deliver services and the role of local authorities in addressing these challenges with case studies.

Scotland With case study