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LGIU's case studies showcase best practices from local government, providing insights and practical examples. These in-depth explorations cover many topics and offer actionable insights for real-world applications. Create a free LGIU website account to access exclusive content and sign up for our newsletters.


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The war on drugs: where are we now?

This briefing examines the background and current situation with drug use in our society, and looks at the role of local authorities, as custodians of public health and community leaders, in addressing various challenges presented by drug addiction in our local communities.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study

Interview with Oxfordshire County Council: pioneers in local climate action

Oxfordshire is standing out as a pioneering force in climate action. We chatted with the Corporate Director for Environment and Place, Bill Cotton and the Head of Climate Action, Sarah Gilbert, to share their insights with local government colleagues, near and far, who are keen to pick up the pace in adapting to a changing world.

England & Wales, Global With case study

Basic Income: Trials and barriers

Basic Income is a radical idea with a long history and a lot of currency in a world confronting structural financial issues. Divorcing income from the requirement to work would impact the labour market and the welfare state. This case study article looks at the policy in detail and the implications it may hold.

Global With case study

The cost of producing housing: Recent findings considered

Following the Land Development Agency’s announcement earlier this year to purchase privately owned sites for delivering affordable housing, this briefing explores to what extent this can be done efficiently and at a reasonable cost. It includes insights from two recent reports into the cost of producing new housing.

Ireland With case study
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Opportunities and challenges of developing an evening and night time economy

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen a renewed interest in local governments developing evening and night time economy strategies. This briefing explores the challenges and opportunities around developing and maintaining an evening and night time economy.

Australia With case study

Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Legacy: an opportunity for a rethink

This briefing is focused on Brisbane and its approach to hosting the Olympics. It shares insights and case studies related to inclusive economies, responding to climate change, how we reuse and repurpose infrastructure, social impact, grassroots innovation, and the creation of affordable spaces.

Australia With case study

How can councils help employees with IT issues?

How can councils help employees with IT issues? James Gallacher, ICT Manager tells us about West Dunbartonshire Council’s new Tech Desk for employees.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study

The potential of combined authorities: an agenda for ambitious councils?   

This briefing contends that combined authorities have the potential to enhance the strategic role of local government whilst also helping district, unitary and county councils to develop local service delivery. The briefing examines existing practices in London, Manchester, the West Midlands and other combined authority areas. 

England & Wales With case study
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Lessons from Finland’s social and healthcare reform experience

Sharing the preliminary findings from Finland’s social and healthcare reforms, this briefing highlights opportunities for learning from the current experience, especially with regard to financial impacts.

Global, Scotland With case study

At home in the high street: can shops and offices be successfully converted into housing?

Creating homes from non-domestic buildings has gained a poor reputation, with people forced to live in ‘micro’ flats and other poor-quality housing, but with the UK government proposing a further extension of permitted development, a new briefing investigates whether such conversions can work successfully.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study