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Australia’s fertility rate is declining, but is this the whole story?

Australia’s total fertility rate is declining, but this doesn’t necessarily result in a lower number of births. This distinction is important, and this briefing describes the relationship with other demographic characteristics and the implications for local government service planning.

Australia With case study
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Educational attainment – who’s getting it right?

This briefing outlines the educational attainment gap, its contributing factors, and the methods for measurement across different countries. It highlights effective approaches in Finland and Singapore, emphasising early education, teacher autonomy, and supportive environments as key strategies for achieving high levels of educational success and narrowing the gap.

Global With case study

Threat to democracy: The alarming rise of violence against council staff

Across the UK, a disturbing trend is emerging with a surge in violence and abuse directed towards those who serve at the heart of local communities: council staff and elected officials. This briefing examines case studies on what councils are doing to support staff in the face of rising violence.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study
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Can AI help local government with regulatory inspections?

This briefing explores how artificial intelligence is transforming local government’s approach to regulatory obligations. It highlights AI’s role in automating inspections, providing insights, and enhancing efficiency and compliance, particularly in budget-constrained areas. The piece also discusses the challenges local authorities face and the importance of maintaining public trust while adopting new technologies.

England & Wales, Global With case study

Flood mitigation in Waltham Forest, London: Innovative flood resilience efforts and sustainable solutions

Waltham Forest Council shares how they are proactively addressing flood risks to the community after experiencing £16m in flood damage in 2021. They have enhanced flood resilience through natural mitigation, road transformation, and household actions, like installing water butts. All while promoting community engagement in one of the most diverse and densely populated London boroughs.

England & Wales With case study

Cottonmill Cycling Centre in St Albans: How a collaborative project revolutionised local facilities

This article provides the granular details surrounding a successful resident-driven initiative to develop a new community centre in St Alban’s greenbelt site. This project not only revitalises a green space but unites a diverse community, offering something for everyone – from sports facilities to cultural spaces. Dive into a story of resilience, innovation, and inclusivity.

England & Wales With case study

Local authorities adapting to the new normal to improve food safety

This briefing emphasises the critical importance of food safety and the role of UK regulatory bodies and local authorities in up keeping public health measures. It discusses challenges such as funding, staffing, and adapting to new business models and inspection methods, highlighting the impact on food safety inspections and public health risks.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland With case study
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Rural depopulation: the role for local government

This briefing discusses the challenges and policy solutions related to declining populations, focusing on rural depopulation’s economic, social, and cultural impacts. It highlights the importance of local government in addressing depopulation through creative, place-sensitive approaches and contrasts deficit models with strategies that leverage local strengths, like culture and natural resources.

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