The great housing hijack and the muddled housing supply debate

This think piece from Dr Cameron K. Murray argues against the common view that a lack of homes drives up rents and prices, attributing the housing debate’s persistence to interest groups. It highlights the role of economic equilibrium in understanding housing markets and discusses the historical context of housing issues, emphasising that rising rents and…

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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections 2024 part 2

This briefing, as part of our LGIU special report series on Ireland’s local elections, delves into the key issues and pledges made under the currently available party manifestos, and summarises developments in the Limerick mayoral election.

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Can AI help local government with regulatory inspections?

This briefing explores how artificial intelligence is transforming local government’s approach to regulatory obligations. It highlights AI’s role in automating inspections, providing insights, and enhancing efficiency and compliance, particularly in budget-constrained areas. The piece also discusses the challenges local authorities face and the importance of maintaining public trust while adopting new technologies.

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Health, public health and social care round-up: April–May 2024

In this latest update, the UK saw significant developments, including a general election announcement with health flagged as a key public issue. New reports highlight sustained public support for the NHS, concerns over its future, and workforce disputes. The Infected Blood Inquiry report criticised government and NHS failures while health sector reforms and patient choice…

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Unveiling the challenges of councillor recruitment and retention

This briefing summarises the main discoveries and recommendations from the AILG “The 21st Century Councillor in Irish Local Government” report, shedding light on the challenges that hinder the retention of existing councillors and the recruitment of new candidates.