To be or not to be ‘taken in charge’

This briefing explores the Irish local authority “taking in charge” policy and its legal ramifications in a recent High Court judgement. This will be of interest to elected members and staff of local authorities, as well as to Irish Water and other statutory undertakers who carry out works on, over or under public roads.

Ireland With case study

It’s only a matter of time: Accessibility and the 15-minute city

This briefing explores a common critique associated with the 15-minute city model. In its various iterations, from the 30-minute to the 15-minute, and even the 5-minute city, speed matters: but who does it serve? And how can its adoption engage the meaningful participation of all citizens?


Housing and planning round-up July 2023

Regulation is the big issue in this month’s housing and planning round-up, with more English councils found to have breached consumer standards. Other stories include private renting, rough sleepers, damp and mould, energy conservation and conversions of vacant buildings into homes.

England & Wales, Scotland
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Summer holidays: fun and carefree, or unwelcome pressure for families?

School holidays can be a stressful time for parents, however, local authorities can mitigate some of the pressures. As this briefing explores, they can deliver schemes and use central government funding to ensure that families have access to food, childcare and enrichment activities, with a particular focus on those who have less income.

Scotland With case study

People’s plans: responding to the resurgence in community-led planning

There is a resurgence of interest from communities in producing people’s plans and local authorities are increasingly challenged by how to respond. This briefing advises local authorities on how they could engage with the groups who are producing people’s plans and provides case study examples.

England & Wales With case study

Irish local government reform – Something done but more to do?

This briefing looks at the monitoring visit to Ireland by the Delegation for the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe. Given the common evaluation and monitoring templates of the Congress for all countries involved, these insights provide a rich comparison of local democracy across Europe – so how did Ireland fare?

Ireland, Northern Ireland

Supporting disabled people into work and out of poverty

This case study briefing highlights the link between disability and poverty. It considers the policy response of both the UK government and the Scottish government, as well as the role of local government, in tackling the challenges of addressing this correlation and improving the livelihoods of disabled citizens. 

England & Wales, Scotland With case study
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Barriers to infill housing supply

This briefing looks at the benefits of infill over greenfield development and explores the commonly held misconceptions and barriers to seeing a significant shift towards infill housing in Greater Melbourne.


Scottish Bulletin Issue 3, 2023

These bulletins provide an update on the progress of legislation currently in Holyrood that is of relevance to local authorities in Scotland. In addition, it highlights key devolved matters, open consultations and third party reports.


The Irish local government system and the role of the councillor

In this briefing, Tommy Moylan, Director of the Association of Irish Local Government (AILG), examines the AILG and addresses the need for a strong democratic local government system, one which is vital to promote the welfare and good governance of the people of Ireland.

Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland With case study