The impacts of poor housing on health outcomes

This briefing looks at the link between housing, health inequalities and good health. Councils have a growing role in working with health services to prevent ill-health, tackle health inequalities, and ensure homes are safe, healthy and promote independent living in an ageing society.       

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How local government can remediate contaminated land to unlock land potential

Across many parts of Europe, there is a legacy of contaminated land with used sites from industrial, commercial and military activity, waste disposal and mineral extraction. Getting previously developed land back into use unlocks land potential that is particularly useful in high-density housing areas and fast-growing towns and cities.

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Maximising local tourism and community engagement through seasonal attractions

This briefing explores the impact of seasonal attractions, emphasising their importance to local economies, tourism, and community engagement. It highlights the key role of councils in managing these attractions and addresses the impact of seasonality on visitor numbers and revenue while also offering the opportunity to celebrate local culture and build community spirit.

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Top takeaways from the SmartCitiesWorld Climate Action Summit 2024

Discover key insights from the SmartCitiesWorld 2024 Cities Climate Action Summit, showcasing how cities drive climate action and economic growth. Learn about leadership, innovative solutions, and investment in sustainable development for a resilient future. This briefing highlights the vital role of cities and local government in combatting climate challenges globally.

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LGIU special report: Ireland Local Elections results 2024

This briefing, as part of our LGIU special report series on Ireland’s local elections, analyses the results of the local elections. This briefing covers the results for each Council, examines the agreements and pacts formed and reflects on the first-ever directly elected mayor in Ireland.

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Looking for a home: Can local government help younger people deal with the housing crisis?

In many countries, young people are bearing the brunt of the housing crisis. With home ownership and even renting out of their reach, what options are open besides living with mum and dad? This briefing surveys the scene and flags up some of the solutions on offer from local government.

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