LGIU Member resources

LGIU services offer members in-depth analysis and insights on key local government topics to help professionals in the sector stay informed and up-to-date on the latest developments and best practices in their areas of interest. Our resources provide:

  • Comprehensive reports on important issues, such as finance, climate change, education and health.
  • Expert commentary and analysis.
  • Best practice examples and recommendations.
  • Actionable insights for local government professionals.
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Policy round-ups

This service keeps members informed about the latest developments in local government policy areas. Round-ups cover parliamentary legislation progress, updates on topics like housing and healthcare, and insights from international research institutions. They provide a quick, accessible way for members to stay up-to-date.

Case studies

LGIU’s case studies showcase best practices from local government, providing insights and practical examples. These in-depth explorations cover various topics and offer actionable insights for real-world applications. Go to case studies.


Our guidance overviews the implications and impact of legislation and policies, helping local government professionals understand complex issues, comply with regulations and implement effective policies. Go to guidance.

Report summaries

Summaries help readers quickly understand the main findings of key research and reports and apply them to their work in the local government sector. Go to report summaries.


This service provides a comprehensive overview of topics relevant to local government. Explainers provide the necessary context and information to help readers quickly understand complex issues. Go to explainers.


Hand-picked selections of LGIU resources, such as reports, guidance and more. Our collections help you find relevant information quickly, saving time and supporting effective decision-making and policy development. Go to collections.


Helping local government professionals to stay informed, learn from peers and experts, and develop their skills and expertise through in-depth analysis, research and insights on topics relevant to the sector. Go to publications.

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