Ask the expert: The future of social care in Scotland

Rewatch this presentation to learn about the proposed centralisation of social care services in Scotland and its potential impact on local authorities, human rights, and communities. We’re here to help you stay up-to-date with the latest research and policy analysis. Featured speakers include Emily Burn and Catherine Needham from the Centre for Care and the University of Birmingham.

Rewatch the session:

Resource pack: The future of social care in Scotland

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What role for local government in Scotland’s National Care Service?

Adult social care is one of the most significant short-term and long-term pressures on councils in Scotland and it is obvious that there is a serious problem with how we provide social care in Scotland and across the UK. Read the publication…

Collection: Health and social care

Delivering strong and effective health and social care is one of the most important roles local governments have. It is an ever-changing task as new problems and priorities occur. Dive into the collection!

Time to move on: Scotland can’t wait around for a National Care Service

In April 2023, Scottish Minister for Social Care, Mental Wellbeing and Sport, released a letter confirming that the Stage 1 Scottish Parliamentary debate and vote on the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill was to be delayed for a second time. Read the full briefing…

National Care Service: has this idea become a white elephant that nobody wants to own?

The National Care Service (Scotland) Bill was introduced in the Scottish Parliament on 20 June 2022. Ever since the voices urging Scottish Ministers to re-think the plans have been growing in number and urgency. Read the full briefing…

Social Care in Scotland – huge challenges ahead

The future of care services is one of the most high profile policy and delivery issues affecting local government in Scotland. Audit Scotland’s recent report, Social Care, provides a helpful and timely summary of the current state of social care in Scotland. Read the full briefing…

Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland

An Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland was published in February 2021, chaired by Derek Feeley, Chief Executive of the Institute for Health Improvement. Read the full briefing…

An Overview of Health and Social Care Integration in Scotland

The integration of health and social care is the Scottish Government’s programme of reform to improve services for people who use adult health and social care services. Read the full briefing…

Lessons from Finland’s social and healthcare reform experience

While Scotland ponders the vexed question of health and social care reform, Finland have actually started down the reform route. The reform has now been live for 6+ months and in that time, no large-scale scandals have arisen. Read the full briefing…

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