Resilience and Recovery

As councils shift from pandemic response to recovery, we know a focus on building more resilient communities that are better able to cope with any future challenges is essential. The winner of this award will have recognised the importance of place and wellbeing and introduced strategies and policies that deliver solutions to the big social issues that impact us all, such as adapting to climate change, promoting health and disease prevention, food security and community collaboration.

Examples of strategies that are aimed at creating more resilient communities can include:

  • putting in place public transport networks or other infrastructure that enables communities to be better connected and more accessible;
  • improving local food management so that it is both sustainable and affordable;
  • driving high street regeneration and recovery through an imaginative approach that benefits businesses and residents alike;
  • tackling digital exclusion to ensure that no one will be left behind when the next crisis hits;
  • planning for disasters;
  • supporting social infrastructure to maintain community spirit.

The councillor who wins this award will emphasise:

  • place and wellbeing in their approach to recovery;
  • the values of environmental, societal and corporate governance;
  • outcomes-based delivery to demonstrate the value to their local area;
  • marginalised voices and voices of external partners to ensure that their approach is inclusive and wide-reaching.

Successful submissions should:

  • provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out;
  • provide evidence of positive outcomes that have been achieved as a result of their efforts or evidence of the projected positive impact.

Hall of Fame: Resilience and Recovery

Councillors building stronger, healthier, and more resilient communities in turbulent times.

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