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Parking strategies and innovation

Parking is a complex issue that cuts across social, economic, environmental and development policies. There are also new developments in the pipeline that councils need to be aware of and incorporate into their strategies. This new report is intended as an informative tool to aid discussions around future planning.

What’s the new Office for Local Government all about?

In this article, Dr Andrew Walker, LGIU’s Head of Research, discusses the updates (or lack of) surrounding the aloof Office for Local Government. He poses some straightforward questions about the purpose of this new government office, what it may mean for trust in local government and how it will differ from the DHLUC.

England & Wales

What is a monitoring officer and what do they do? Here are the answers

In this article, Beth Haines and Dr Greg Stride, from our Local Democracy Research Centre, look into the existing research on Monitoring Officers in English local government and answer all the key questions you may have ahead of some upcoming research exploring the changing role of monitoring officers.

England & Wales

The big lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic: local authorities are vital

In this article, Richard Machin, a Senior Lecturer in social work and health at Nottingham Trent University, argues that not everything about the Covid-19 pandemic was unprecedented. Instead, the situation demonstrated the vital role local authorities play in supporting the local community and we now need to value that even more going forward.

England & Wales, Global

Islands in the downstream – governance in the Scottish islands

In this article, Adele Lidderdale, PhD Researcher from the Institute for Northern Studies, UHI in Orkney, provides an update on her PhD research into island governance systems and the implications this holds for local government. This research is part of the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre.

Scotland With case study

What to expect at our upcoming Ask the Expert session on Voter ID

In advance of our Ask the Expert session next week on the Impact of Voter ID in the UK, Dr Greg Stride from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre explores the story so far on voter ID and outlines the progress of our research to date. 

England & Wales

Local government finance: a comparative study

The Local Democracy Research Centre has commissioned experts at the University of Northumbria, led by Dr Kevin Muldoon-Smith, to look at how local government is funded in different countries around the world. This is an introduction to that research with an overview to the funding systems in England, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

The limitations of local government finance in England: A system wide perspective

For the last ten years we have been asking council leaders, chief executives, cabinet members for finance and section 151 officers their opinions on how local services are financed in England. This new report is the next step in our ongoing research into how local government finance could be different and better.

England & Wales, Global

LGIU@40: For the future of local government – a white paper

LGIU@40: For the Future of Local Government is LGIU’s new programme driven by our core belief in the vital role that local democratic institutions have in creating better places for us all. We will be establishing a set of new ideas about how local government could work better and how we can build the firm…

England & Wales, Scotland