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Online absent vote applications: one pressure too many for the strained electoral sector?

LGIU’s recent work on voter ID demonstrated the serious pressures faced by staff who run elections in England. At the end of this month, a new and half-finished system will be introduced across England: online absent vote applications. In this article, Dr Greg Stride explores how a good idea can be implemented in the wrong…

England & Wales

Trust and the Monitoring Officer

In this article, Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre explores how councils work to ensure they are trustworthy and trusted. Upcoming research will explore how the crucial role of the Monitoring Officer can help guarantee that English councils do everything the public can expect of them and, in turn, build trust.

England & Wales

Poll: Help shape our dark tourism and local government research

We’re seeking to understand better the complex industry of dark tourism and its relationship with local government. We want LGIU members and readers to help us. Your input in our poll below can shape the direction of our research in partnership with academics at Minnesota State University.


The core principles of trust applied to local government

In this article, Dr Hannah Bunting, lecturer in Quantitative British Politics at the University of Exeter, outlines the core principles of trust, applying them to the context of local governance. Building on this further, Dr Greg Stride adds some additional insights from our Local Democracy Research Centre’s recent work.

England & Wales, Global

Scottish National Islands Plan – a vehicle for transformation?

Reporting on a session between Adele Lidderdale’s, PhD Researcher supported by Institute for Northern Studies, LGIU and Orkney Islands Council, Comhairle nan eilean siar and Shetland Islands Council, this paper provides an island local government insight into whether the Scottish National Islands Plan can provide a vehicle for transformation.

Scotland With case study

What to expect from LGIU’s brand-new Voter ID research

In this article, Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre summarises the findings from our latest report, The Impact of Voter ID: The Views of Administrators – funded by the JRSST-CT. 

England & Wales

When elections go wrong… four things we can learn from a big week of election mishaps

This week, several disaster stories from the world of electoral administration have made their way into the UK headlines. Ahead of his upcoming report on the impact of Voter ID, Dr Greg Stride, our resident local elections expert from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre, shares some insights into the key takeaways from these events.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland

A system wide perspective of local government finance in Germany

This report focuses on the local government funding system in Germany. It is part of ongoing research by the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre comparing funding systems in different countries.

England & Wales, Global, Northern Ireland, Scotland