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Councillors at the casino? The differentiated landscape of local council financial strategies in England

Professor Andy Pike from Newcastle University explores how financial innovation has become part of the repertoire for local councils struggling to close funding gaps in England. He explains how these practices are connected to characterisations of ‘councillors at the casino’ running risks with taxpayers’ money and taking a public service gamble, jeopardising essential service provisions.

England & Wales
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Funding the future of local government, an Australian perspective

Communities and governments worldwide are facing a challenging future due to inflation, inequality, disruptive technology, geopolitical tensions, and climate change. In this briefing, Professor Richard Eccleston from the University of Tasmania unpacks the increasingly challenging issue of local government funding in Australia.


Three key questions for local government finance in Scotland

To mark the launch of a research project on the State of Local Government Finance in Scotland, LGIU and Solace hosted a roundtable discussion with senior Officers in Scottish local government to give a “behind the scenes” picture of local government finance in Scotland.


The good, bad and ugly of site provisions for Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people

This Q&A with Barry Winchester from the UK charity Friends, Families and Travellers discusses their latest report reviewing the available site provisions for the needs of Gypsy and Traveller people. It is a must-read, as the findings have significant implications and lessons for local government.

England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

The Changing Role of the Monitoring Officer

This report from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre looks at the hugely important role of the monitoring officer in English local government and makes recommendations for changes to improve the status and effectiveness of the position.

England & Wales

Five international lessons for Scottish local government finance

To mark the launch of a research project on the State of Local Government Finance in Scotland, LGIU and Solace hosted a roundtable discussion with Senior Officers in Scottish local government to present five applicable local government finance lessons from LGIU’s international research.


“Dark tourism: It’s not as scary as you think!” Interview with an academic expert 

We chatted with Dr. Beth Heidelberg from Minnesota State University to discuss her niche specialism in exploring local government’s relationship with the dark tourism industry, including analysis of hotspots like Salem, Clear Lake, Holcombe and Amityville. This Q&A is a must-read for all who are curious about the real-life implications of these ‘dark’ attractions.


Is local government haunted? Definitely…

In this article, Professor Kevin Orr from the University of St Andrews overviews his research into ‘organisational ghosts’ – enduring influences or figures with histories, biographies and legacies that stay with us. He argues that those in local government are no exception to hauntings and asks what we can learn from these organisational spectres.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

A system wide analysis of local government finance in Italy

The LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre is exploring how local government is funded in different countries as part of ongoing work to develop new ideas and solutions to tackle long-standing problems. This report takes an in-depth look at the system in Italy.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland