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What a general election means for administrators: launching our new research

Dr Greg Stride from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre explores what the UK snap general election means for administrators and outlines the launch of our latest research plans – to survey all administrators after the general election and investigate their experience of running back-to-back elections.

England & Wales, Scotland

English local government: The landscape after the 2024 local elections

This report takes a look at the English local government landscape after the 2024 local elections. We look region by region with maps depicting council control before and after the elections, as well as exploring the Combined Authority, PCC and London Assembly picture.

England & Wales

The State of the Locals 2024

Each year, LGIU commissions Ipsos to carry out polling on UK attitudes to local elections, the work of councillors and the role of local government in England. This is a summary of the main findings from the 2024 survey.

England & Wales

Ones to Watch 2024

This is our guide to where the action will be in the May elections, covering council, combined authority, London assembly and PCC elections. We pick out the key contests where control might be won or lost and the stakes are high.

England & Wales
Members & Global Local

Is it too difficult to reform social care?

This briefing from University of Birmingham researchers explores the difficulties of social care reform which evoke key issues such as the rebalancing of central and local government relations and new fiscal challenges. Using the metaphor of a social care ecosystem, it outlines how this can help us think about reform.

England & Wales, Scotland

The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024

This report is drawn from the LGIU’s 11th annual survey of senior council leaders, chief executives, chief finance officers and cabinet members for finance, and provides a detailed picture of how the sector views the current financial position of local authorities.

Following the money: Who is watching local government in England?

In this article, Dr Ben Worthy, lecturer in Politics at Birkbeck, examines the findings from his recent research paper on (the lack of) oversight and audit in English local government finances, and makes suggestions for how the system should be improved.

England & Wales

England local government finance: 2024 survey launch

Dr Greg Stride is leading LGIU’s 2024 state of local government finance report. In this blog, he talks through the history of the survey and how we’re updating it for 2024. 

England & Wales