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New insights from the latest edition of the SGS Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index

This latest edition of SGS’ Cities and Regions Wellbeing Index provides timely evidence on the social, economic and environmental trends of Australia’s cities and regions. It shows the importance of place and reprises the reality that where you live influences your access to opportunities and overall wellbeing.


Speaking for the community – how representative are local councillors?

Councillors speak for the local communities, but how representative are they of the residents who elect them? This new briefing looks at a study into the characteristics of councillors in London by the Migrant Democracy Project, which has lessons for local government in other parts of the UK.

England & Wales, Scotland With case study

Ireland’s Planning and Development Bill 2023 – Parts 7 and 8

This briefing is part of our series covering the Planning and Development Bill. It covers Parts 7 and 8 of the Bill, which consists of the “Housing Strategy and Supply” and “Miscellaneous Powers of Planning Authorities”.


Whatever happened to levelling up?

Spotting progress on levelling up is proving difficult. According to MPs, too little money has been handed to local authorities, and most of what was given out has yet to be spent. This briefing asks whether the government’s flagship programme is making any difference to regional inequality.

England & Wales, Scotland

The State of the Locals 2024

Each year, LGIU commissions Ipsos to carry out polling on UK attitudes to local elections, the work of councillors and the role of local government in England. This is a summary of the main findings from the 2024 survey.

England & Wales

Through European eyes: Local government in the United Kingdom

The European Charter of Local Self-Government, a benchmark international treaty, affirms the role of local communities in exercising democracy. This briefing outlines the findings of the recent CLRAE report on UK compliance with the Charter. As various reform processes emerge, the report offers valuable insights and analysis of UK local government from a European perspective.

England & Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Ireland’s Planning and Development Bill 2023 – Part 6

This is the fifth briefing in our series covering the Planning and Development Bill. It covers Part 6 of the Bill, which replaces the provisions of the Act of 2000 on Environmental Impact Assessments, the environmental assessment of applications for substitute consent, and Appropriate Assessment.