We have an extensive catalogue of publications - research reports, long read articles, toolkits and best practice guidelines - that stem from our work with our member councils and other collaborations. Most publications are free to read and download as PDFs but you do need to be logged in to the website. Please sign in or set up an account if you don't already have one (this is free of charge). A few publications are for members only.




Primer: Cultural services

This primer introduces you to the arts and culture sector and local authority cultural services, covering libraries, museums, theatres, arts services, and leisure services. It is part of a series of primers, covering key local authority topics, which are aimed particularly at new councillors to help them settle into the role.

England & Wales

Bundle: Reforming social care: ideas, delays, history

To no one’s surprise, the Queen’s Speech did not include a plan for reforming adult social care, although the UK  government says it is committed to bringing forward proposals. So are we any nearer fundamental change? This bundle explores the long-standing issues around adult social care and presents recent content on reform ideas.

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Ones to Watch: LE2021

Two years’ worth of elections. 143 councils. 13 mayors. What’s at stake and what’s up for grabs in May 2021? This long read looks at the hot elections across England.

England & Wales
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Essential guide to local elections communications 2021

Local elections matter and how we talk about them matters. Effective communications can build enthusiasm for local democracy and this communications guide focuses on some easy steps that councils can take during the election period.

England & Wales

Personal safety for councillors

Our personal safety is something many of us take for granted, this short guide offers some guidance on assessing risk and adopting strategies and behaviours that will minimise any potential hazards you might identify as part of your councillor role. It has been updated to include information on canvassing and Covid-19.

England & Wales, Scotland

2020 hindsight: reflecting on global learning from the pandemic

Following on from our content last week marking the anniversary of Covid-19 lockdowns, this bundle focuses on the international knowledge-sharing opportunities arising out of the pandemic; providing a range of learning from countries’ experiences in tackling Covid-19 as well as generally for other issues.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Using digital technologies to put citizens first in 2030

This imagining, from Richard Leeming, of a council in the future using digital technologies at the centre of everything it does, is one of the scenarios that we are exploring as part of the new municipalism pillar of our Post-Covid Councils project looking at the future of local government.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

The evolving council

This imagining, from Andy Johnston, of an evolving council, is one of the scenarios that we are exploring as part of the new municipalism pillar of our Post-Covid Councils project looking at the future of local government.

England & Wales, Global

Stars in their Eyes

This short story was written by Karen Campbell when she was writer in residence at Dumfries and Galloway Council last year. It is part of the Atlas Pandemica arts project which explores local responses to the pandemic.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Unlocked: local stories from a global pandemic

The past year has been one like no other. The Covid crisis is far from over, but as we approach the grim anniversary of the first UK lockdown, it seems an appropriate moment to reflect. So we are bringing together a few of the myriad of different experiences from this momentous year in all our…

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland