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Bundle: Global Covid-19 responses

In these unprecedented times, countries around the world look to each other for guidance. In this bundle, we collate all of our Covid-19 content from across the globe, covering responses and learning opportunities from both member and non-member countries. All content in this bundle is free to access for both members and followers.

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This changes everything: Policy implications of Covid-19

When in the eye of the storm it is difficult to think beyond the immediate pressure, but when the pandemic has abated it will be important to reflect and learn lessons that will make us better prepared and more resilient for the future.

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Bundle: Public health

This bundle brings together some of LGiU’s recent work on public health in the UK and around the world, analysing recent developments on topics ranging from life expectancy and health inequality to approaches to improving mental health for children. This bundle will be of interest to officers, councillors and others with an interest or role…

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Bundle: Local government around the world

We focus on local issues in a connected world. What can we learn from local governments around the world as they face both unique challenges and those we all face in our own communities. This is a collection of international local government content.


LGIU MJ State of Local Government Finance Survey 2020

LGiU and The MJ have run the State of Local Government Finance Survey every January since 2012 to coincide with councils setting their annual budgets. The results give a snapshot of the key pressures facing councils and the impact of ongoing financial uncertainty on their communities.

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Bundle: Brexit

After 47 years of membership the UK leaves the EU today (31st January 2020). This bundle brings together the content that we have produced on Brexit over the past few years.

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Prospects for Devolution in the 2020s?

The government’s commitment to “levelling up” certainly could be transformative. There is potential for devolving real political and decision making powers to councils as part of this process over this year and into the 2020s. But given the historical precedent it would be an astonishing turn of events. It would break the pattern in the…

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Councillor skills: reading for speed and retention

Miranda Smythe offers some key tips for getting through the huge amounts of reading material that is a councillor’s lot.

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Most popular LGiU content of 2019

Your favourite LGiU content from 2019 from England & Wales, Scotland and Ireland – including member-only policy briefings, blogs, think pieces and podcasts.

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