We have an extensive catalogue of publications - research reports, long read articles, toolkits and best practice guidelines - that stem from our work with our member councils and other collaborations. Most publications are free to read and download as PDFs but you do need to be logged in to the website. Please sign in or set up an account if you don't already have one (this is free of charge). A few publications are for members only.



Diversity in political representation in the UK

This publication examines diversity in political representation, including the legal context; the most recent data on ethnicity and disability in relation to councillors; barriers faced by black, ethnic minority and disabled candidates and councillors; what can be done to increase diversity, and; current advice and support.

England & Wales, Scotland

Bundle: Artificial intelligence in education

While the ideas behind Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been around for some time, AI is increasingly is being used to develop public services, including education. This bundle explores the role AI currently plays in the delivery of these public services along with future implications. 

England & Wales, Scotland

Personal safety for councillors

Our personal safety is something many of us take for granted, this short guide – updated for 2022 – offers some guidance on assessing risk and adopting strategies and behaviours that will minimise any potential hazards you might identify as part of your councillor role.

England & Wales, Scotland

Guide to election communications 2022

Every election represents aspiration and choice, but this year perhaps more than ever we need to celebrate democracy. Our communications guide focuses on some easy steps that councils can take during this election period and some ideas to develop for future elections. Read the guide.

England & Wales, Scotland

Bundle: Cost of living crisis

The UK is going through what is being dubbed a ‘cost of living crisis’ in the media. There are many factors that are currently contributing to this problem. This bundle showcases the different components and the critical role of local government in the midst of these rising concerns.

England & Wales, Scotland

Bundle: levelling up

Levelling up has been the key theme of the UK Government since the general election, but there are still fundamental questions about what levelling up means. This bundle gathers together the array of content produced by LGIU to explore the levelling up agenda and its implications.

England & Wales, Scotland