We have an extensive catalogue of publications - research reports, long read articles, toolkits and best practice guidelines - that stem from our work with our member councils and other collaborations. Most publications are free to read and download as PDFs but you do need to be logged in to the website. Please sign in or set up an account if you don't already have one (this is free of charge). A few publications are for members only.



Bundle: Tackling waste and the circular economy

This bundle, released as part of our COP26 focus, explores waste issues relevant to local government, including waste management, recycling, and areas for potential innovation – including the opportunities the circular economy concept might provide.


Bundle: Smart cities

This bundle aims to prime local government on the issue of smart cities, exploring both the opportunities and limitations the concept presents alongside showcasing an array of global case studies and best practice.

Global With case study

Primer on children’s services for new councillors

All councillors have a role in supporting public and voluntary services for children. Many councils also support youth councils and young mayors which enable the young people in your local authority to engage with local civic functions. Here is a guide on how your role as a councillor overlaps with children’s services.

England & Wales

Bundle: Adaptation to climate change

This bundle brings together our recent briefings and publications on how councils are responding to and leading the adaptation agenda.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Bundle: Community wealth building

This bundle highlights different perspectives on community wealth building and how this approach may be used by local authorities as they look towards economic recovery.


Bundle: Sustainable futures key themes

In this Sustainable Futures (SF) bundle, we discuss the recent publication of the IPPC Assessment Report and what these alarming findings suggest for the planet’s future as it faces increasing and inevitable problems due to climate change.


Bundle: Growing success with community gardens

In this bundle, we highlight innovative local government food growing strategies and how these projects have nurtured and sustained communities during the pandemic and beyond.