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Post-Covid Councils: The Location of Power

In the latest instalments of our Post-Covid Councils work, Head of Research Andrew Walker investigates questions about the balance and location of power. 

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Can we have healthy elections in a pandemic?

It’s European Local Democracy Week and even as we celebrate the amazing contributions elected members have had on their communities as we publish our Cllr Awards shortlist, it’s also a time to reflect on the impact Covid-19 has had on democracy and on voting and what we need to do to make sure that our…

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Post-Covid Councils: Place and Community

Place and Community is the second pillar to be launched of the LGIU’s Post Covid Councils project. The theme is fundamentally about relationships – relationships between place, local economies and people, and between place, people, communities and equality.

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Bundle: Health inequalities

Our recent work on health inequalities, including work on longstanding health issues and briefings covering Covid-19.

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Bundle: Education and Covid-19

In preparation for schools reopening, this bundle collates our recent content on schools and learning in the context of the pandemic, including higher and further education.

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Bundle: Summer reading list

To keep readers busy over their ‘staycation’ summers, we have collated a new reading (and listening) list of our favourite LGIU content which includes new work as well as pieces from our archives.

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Bundle: Covid-19 and lessons on public health

One of the most difficult areas for central and local government has been understanding the evidence about how Covid-19 is spread, its differential impacts and what are the most effective measures to manage the pandemic. This bundle draws together our work on public health learning arising from Covid-19.

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Bundle: Food

In this bundle, we bring together much of our recent work on food issues and the impact of Covid-19 on many aspects of food policy, all from a local government perspective.

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