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In Conversation with Vivienne Swan, Sustainable Food Places Coordinator at Edible Edinburgh

Alice Creasy speaks to Sustainable Food Places Coordinator Vivienne Swan who has been part of the team coordinating Edinburgh’s successful bid to become a silver status sustainable food city.  In this interview Vivian discusses some of the challenges and opportunities cities are facing and the importance of working collaboratively to develop sustainable food networks.


Saving public toilets – a rural community experience 

In this Q&A interview, LGIU’s Freya Millard chatted with Mary Peart, Manager at Kinlochewe Community Toilets, about her experience purchasing and running an ex-local government-owned public toilet block in rural Scotland.

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Local government honours the memory of Queen Elizabeth II

Around the world, local government acts as a locus of remembrance and grief. Here we collect examples of how Queen Elizabeth II has been honoured by local government officials and institutions and how they also provide a centre for local people to express their grief.

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Local government workforce and capability planning

Effective workforce planning and development is essential for local government to ensure they have the capacity and capability to deliver services to communities and meet future challenges. At the same time, local councils are significant employers and play an important role in their local economies. While the powers and responsibilities of local government differ across…


Devometrics: How to measure decentralisation – objective and subjective approaches

In this second paper looking at the decentralisation of power in UK governance the authors look at the challenges we face in developing measures that will capture the diversity and nuances of the governance system. They discuss possible ways of dealing with those challenges, focussing on the policy sphere.

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How to write a plan

On 5 May 2022, 200 new councillors were elected in Britain, and policy officers across England, Scotland and Wales are bracing themselves for what comes next. Out with the old, and in with the new! Our newly elected councillors are eager to signal a break with the past and put their own stamp on local…

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